LESSBIG stands for LEicesterShire Sustainable Self-Build Interest Group, and we are a network of people around Leicester & Leicestershire, and as the name suggests, we have an interest in sustainable buildings and self-building.

If you are interested in ‘less big’ mortgage and rent payments, ‘less big’ heating and electric bills, and ‘less big’ impacts on the environment, we hope there will be plenty to keep you interested here!

We are aiming to post general news and inspiring ideas from around the world, as well as keeping you updated on our own building-related projects: currently on the ‘Project Page’.

Don’t forget to sign up for blog updates if you want to be notified of new posts.

If you want to ‘get involved’ with the group, currently the best way is to watch out for when and where our meetings will be held.

Our Facebook page and Twitter accounts are up and running, though they are mainly for re-publishing blog posts across these other channels at the moment, but feel free to chat to other people via them! (or via the comments on blog posts here)

“Sustainability” means many things to many people, and with that in mind, we want to stick to a relatively clear focus on buildings; whether that means improving existing buildings, building new ones, urban or rural places, high concept and low-tech – all are of interest, and all are welcome! (Our ‘getting started’ post has some good links)

The current co-ordinator is Richard Fletcher so fire your queries over to: rfletcher@dmu.ac.uk

*About adverts on the site – yes, we’ve got adverts as we’re only using the free version of WordPress. It costs about £20 a year to get rid of them.*