Eco House Open Days in Leicestershire (14 & 15 June)

Want to see energy saving features ‘in action’ and talk to the owners? On the 14th and 15th of June, nine households ranging from the 1870s to the 1970s are opening their doors for you! Triple glazing, cavity wall insulation, solar electricity and hot water, composting, water meters, underfloor heating and foodgrowing… more energy saving features than you can wave a handcrafted, organically grown stick at! This weekend event has been organised by Footpaths a fellow project associated with Transition Leicester.


In the wider scheme of things, it has been acknowledged that ‘whizzy technical gizmos’ alone cannot be the be all and end all of sustainable living, so why not put down that solar panel catalog and actually go out to hear from the people what the real impact of living with these technologies has been? (see also: post-occupancy evaluations)

Click here outside flyer and here inside flyer to download the two part flyer.

Email or ring 0116 2899 074 to find out more.

(PS: If you happen to be out and about on Saturday the 14th, why not also drop by Saffron Acres where LESSBIG will be building our earth oven?)


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