Getting started!

Welcome to the blog of “LESSBIG” a Leicester & Leicestershire based group of people interested in sustainable self-building. The project formed at Greenlight Festival in 2013, where a handful of enthusiastic amateurs put their heads together and said: ‘Why not?’

cc attribution to flickr user: Matt Preston

The interests of the project, as the name suggests, is everything to do with “sustainable building” which itself draws in a pretty broad range of issues: but with a particular focus on self-building, and actually making more things like this happen, here in Leicester & Leicestershire.

So, while we are aiming to post general news and inspiring ideas from round the world, we hope to keep you updated on our own building-related projects, and we  invite you to join in and tell us about what you are up to as well. See the ‘Project Page’ for more specific information.

While we don’t want to ramble on about definitions before we’ve even put spade to soil, if you aren’t that familiar with ‘sustainability’ or ‘sustainable building’, the following Wikipedia pages are an excellent starting point and saves us posting a load of similar text here ourselves!

Sustainability, Green Building, Natural Building, Sustainable Development

We don’t currently have any organisational, political, commercial or religious affiliations, though we should mention Transition Leicester as a key partner, as this is a kind of spin-off project similar to Freeskilling Leicester and Greenlight Festival.

So, don’t forget to sign up for email updates, bookmark this page, facebook and twitter (if that’s your kind of thing) and hopefully we’ll cross shovels with you some day soon.


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